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Ambien vs. Melatonin

what I love about ambien is that it FORCES me to sleep (besides the times I fought it). but it truly put me down. Melatonin just makes me feel more sleepy but it, in no way, forces me to sleep. 

It’s like the nice guy vs. the badass guy. Melatonin is the nice guy who offers some sleep or gently tries to help, but I easily resist it and it backs off. But Ambien is the guy who roughs me up, gets his way. The kind of guy who will push you against the wall or throw you on the bed and take control while i’m loving every second of it. 

i’m the kind of girl who needs that rough edge. a drug that will slap me in the face and say “BITCH, GO TO SLEEP!” 

ah well. i’m talking crazy. i’m going to try to sleep. because i’ve got work at 8am. had so many offers to do things tonight and couldn’t because I closed and I have to open. Fuck my life. My poor poor social life :( 

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